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Apex Epoxy Flooring provides superior benefits to residences throughout Atlanta. We take pride in the fact we have over 25 years of expertise as leading epoxy flooring professionals, we ensure exceptional durability and refined aesthetics. We invite you to contact us for a complimentary quote, assuring that your flooring adheres to the highest standards of quality and professionalism. Our range includes Hermetic Epoxy Flake, Solid, Quartz, and Reflector Enhancer metallic finishes, offering a unique appearance tailored to you.

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Our Epoxy Flooring Options

Premium Epoxy Flooring Options

Investing in a premium epoxy floor coating should give your property the revamp and refreshment it deserves. At Apex Epoxy Flooring, we offer diverse epoxy floor coating materials that are engineered for all types of properties. Whether you’re upgrading your home, office, retail space, or industrial facility, our expertly selected floor coatings are designed for everyday use.

Residential Epoxy Flooring

Residential Epoxy Flooring

Ideal for personalizing living rooms, kitchens, and patios, our residential epoxy flooring combines aesthetic appeal with durability, creating a welcoming environment in any home.
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Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Designed for business spaces, our commercial epoxy flooring offers a resilient, low-maintenance surface perfect for retail stores, offices, and dining areas, ensuring a professional look and long-lasting performance.
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Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Industrial Epoxy Flooring

Our industrial epoxy flooring is built to endure the toughest conditions, suitable for factories, warehouses, and other heavy-duty areas, providing a safe and robust solution for any operational demands.
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Garage Epoxy Floor

Garage Epoxy Floor

Upgrade your garage with our high-performance epoxy flooring, resistant to stains and impacts, for a clean and polished look.
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Flake Epoxy Floor

Flake Epoxy Floor

Our flake finish floors combine color and texture for a durable, slip-resistant surface, perfect for spaces needing both style and practicality like garages and commercial kitchens.
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Quartz Epoxy Floor

Quartz Epoxy Floor

This finish offers a blend of natural quartz granules with epoxy for a strong, visually appealing floor suitable for high-traffic areas such as garage’s and lobbies.
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Metallic Epoxy Floor

Metallic Epoxy Floor

Create a stunning, glossy floor with our metallic epoxy, ideal for adding a luxurious touch to dealership showrooms, salons, and select homes.
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Solid Epoxy Floor

Solid Epoxy Floor

Choose a solid epoxy for a simplistic, uniform finish that excels in industrial settings, capable of withstanding heavy use and chemical exposure.
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The Benefits of Apex Epoxy Flooring

Why Choose Apex Epoxy Flooring Atlanta, GA?

Apex Epoxy Flooring is proud to serve Atlanta residences, boasting more than twenty years of experience in epoxy flooring as well as:

Start your flooring project with a comprehensive overview from inception to completion, courtesy of our expert epoxy design and construction team.

Our team of flooring installation specialists boast a rapid project turnaround, delivering your new flooring efficiently without sacrificing quality.

Apex Epoxy Flooring offers the perfect blend of affordability and quality in our industry leading epoxy solutions. Our transparent pricing guarantees you get what you deserve.

We offer a 25-year lifetime warranty, underscoring our commitment to quality materials and workmanship that will assure you will have a floor that will last for years to come.

Partnership with Industry Leading Epoxy Products

We are proud to partner with Industry leading epoxy flooring brand Elite Crete. With their extensive science based team of engineers they have crafted epoxy flooring solutions that are revolutionary in resilience and aesthetics. We offer diverse epoxy floor coatings ranging from Hermetic flake, solid, quartz, and metallic:

  • – Hermetic™ Neat Single
  • – Hermetic™ Neat Double
  • – Hermetic™ Stout Single
  • – Hermetic™ Stout Double
  • – Hermetic™ Paramount HD
  • – Hermetic™ Quartz Single Broadcast
  • – Hermetic™ Quartz Double Broadcast
  • – Hermetic™ Flake Single Broadcast
  • – Hermetic™ Flake Double Broadcast
  • – Hermetic™ Urethane Cement
  • – Hermetic™ CVP Wall Coating Flake
  • – Hermetic™ CVP Wall Coating Neat
  • – Reflector™ Enhancer
  • – Reflector™ Enhancer HD

Each of these products provide their own benefits of pressure tolerance, temperature resistance, and abrasive properties. Whether looking for the durable yet stylish look of Hermetic™ Flake solutions or the unique contemporary look of metallic Reflector™ Enhancer we promise to have the look that fits your home, garage, or office.

Atlanta’s Award Winning Epoxy Flooring Services

Awarded Home Advisor's #1 for Epoxy Craftsmanship Apex Epoxy Flooring has earned accolades from several esteemed organizations, including Home Advisor, which honored us with the 2020 Best of Home Advisor award. This accolade reinforces our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and quality. If that isn't enough, Home Advisor has endorsed Apex Epoxy Flooring by giving their stamp of approval which verifies our qualifications as a licensed and insured provider in Georgia and neighboring regions.

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Why Our Epoxy Coatings Are Superior

The Superiority of Apex Epoxy Floors

Structural Integrity

At Apex Epoxy Flooring, we recognize that property owners encounter various challenges, not just the need for a new floor. Our floor coatings address these issues head-on with a remarkable pressure tolerance of up to 14,500 psi. This feature ensures that your flooring is equipped to handle heavy machinery and continuous foot traffic, providing the durability required for both residential and industrial spaces.


VOC Free & USDA/FDA Approved

We provide a USDA/FDA-approved epoxy solution tailored for the food and pharmaceutical sectors, which face stringent regulations from the FDA/USDA*, CFIA, EU standard. Our flooring also offers VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free solutions, unlike our competitors, ensuring your flooring does not compromise the air quality for you, your family, and your loved ones.

Safety: Our #1 Priority

Another advantage to our epoxy flooring solutions is our commitment to the safety of our clients for years to come. Our installation of your new flooring is used with BACK-TRACK™ 60S an anti-slip additive that is made from materials that provide a textured finish once applied and dried. This texture increases the friction between the surface and footwear, improving safety in both dry and wet conditions.

Struggle Free Maintenance

Nobody enjoys the hassle of frequent home flooring upkeep, this is why our epoxy flooring comes with minimal maintenance needs. A simple sweep and a gentle wet mop are all it takes to keep our epoxy floors looking pristine, eliminating the necessity for harsh chemicals or pressure washing.

Our Epoxy Flooring Process

Ready To Get Started?

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Give us a call and let us start the process off with our detailed inspection and design recommendations from our seasoned professionals.

Diamond Grinding Surface Preparation

Before we can get to the installation of epoxy for your floor we have to first prepare the foundation which will ensure the proper adherence of the epoxy to the concrete.

Layered Epoxy Floor Application

Next our team gets to work on applying the multiple layers of epoxy; these variable layers of epoxy will ensure durability and aesthetics.

Hardening and Quality Check

Lastly we reach the curing process. At this time we allow the 24 hour hardening and then inspect for any unlikely occurrence of defects in our work.


Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike traditional flooring options such as tile, wood, or vinyl, epoxy flooring offers a high-gloss and non-porous surface. Moreover, it is highly resistant to stains, chemicals, abrasions, and impacts which is ideal for high-traffic areas and demanding environments. Epoxy flooring also has a quick installation process and only requires sweeping or vacuuming to maintain.

Yes. According to the Georgia State Construction Code, any construction or installation work that involves alterations to a building’s structure or systems requires permits. This includes epoxy flooring installations, which typically involve surface preparation, adhesive application, and chemical coatings that may affect the building’s fire safety, ventilation, or other code compliance requirements. Here at Apex Epoxy Flooring, our team will handle all the necessary permits and regulatory requirements acquisition for a hassle-free epoxy flooring installation.

Absolutely! Epoxy flooring can be easily customized to match the aesthetic of a residential property in Atlanta, Georgia. With a wide range of colors, patterns, and finishes available, homeowners can achieve a personalized look that complements their interior design. Additionally, epoxy flooring offers versatility in design options such as metallic pigments and decorative flakes, allowing for endless customization possibilities.

No. Epoxy floors create a monolithic surface that is less susceptible to cracking from moisture, temperature fluctuations, and heavy loads. However, it’s essential to ensure that the underlying concrete substrate is structurally sound and free of significant cracks or defects before applying the epoxy coating. In addition, proper surface preparation, including diamond grinding and filling any existing cracks can help minimize the risk of future cracking.

No. The smooth finish of epoxy floors minimizes scratches occurring as there are no grout lines or seams where debris can accumulate and cause abrasion. While no flooring material is entirely scratch-proof, epoxy floors offer superior scratch resistance compared to many other options. They can withstand the daily wear and tear of foot traffic, moving furniture, and other activities without showing significant signs of damage.

If an epoxy floor gets wet, it generally remains safe and slip-resistant due to its non-porous nature and texture. Epoxy flooring is inherently water-resistant, which means that minor spills or exposure to water from mopping or cleaning typically pose no threat to the floor’s integrity.

No, mold typically cannot grow on properly installed epoxy flooring. Epoxy is a non-porous material that creates a seamless surface, making it resistant to moisture and mold growth. However, if moisture becomes trapped beneath the epoxy coating due to improper installation or underlying substrate issues, it could create conditions conducive to mold growth. Reach out to Apex Epoxy Flooring to book a consultation and to ensure proper and expert epoxy flooring installation.

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