Apex Flooring is a installer of Epoxy flooring coating. At Apex Flooring, we take our name seriously. We aim for superior standards, above and beyond our competitors, at every stage of the ordering, delivery and installation process.
We take customer service seriously, and aim to make your experience satisfying with minimum hassle. Our high quality workmanship, industrial quality products and a fast service turnaround are the reasons we have become the top flooring company in North Florida.

Incorporated in 2010, apex flooring LLC is an established full-service flooring contractor that has built its reputation by producing results for clients on projects throughout the county. Our dedication to our clients has earned us high service marks and a reputation among the best in class in the flooring industry. Our ability to bond, execute, and finance projects throughout the country makes apex flooring a valued partner to our clients on any size project.


Apex flooring has a knowledge base that consist of over 20 years of extensive flooring experience. Rest assured our experienced team of professionals will provide you with peace of mind on even the most complex projects.


ApexFlooring is dedicated to quality installations. We offer warranties on all our work to ensure the job is done right. Apex Flooring protects your business and guarantees your customer is satisfied.